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About This Poll:

This Poll is all about determining, Which is the Most Interesting Subject you have ever studied? We have included only the top 4 subjects in which we can discover or invent or research new things. We will create another poll with the same questions but with the other 4 options and will carry on the process till we cover up all the interesting subjects. No hate to any subject which we did not include in this poll. You can vote for your favorite subjects based on their topics and share them with your friends so that, they can also vote for their favorite ones. You can only vote one time with a device and the polling will stop when the timer ends, so be careful and vote carefully. Your Opinion Matters.

My Personal Opinion: I would have chosen Physics as It is one of the strongest subjects. According to my Physics is not a boring subject as it deals with the law of nature, space, and the Universe. Physics a subject through which we can solve real-life problems very easily and quickly. In this subject, we can also research or invents plenty of things which are yet to discovered like which thing travels faster than light, etc. Here is a brief description of each subject which you can check to gain information.

About Physics :

As I told earlier, Physics is my kind of Favourite subject which I study in my free time to entertain myself. Physics is a branch of subject science In which we study or research nature, space, light, energy, the universe, and its laws. For some students, Physics is one of the hardest subjects or like a nightmare which they don’t want to study. Physics is a kind of formula-based subject in which mathematics is necessary. If we are weak in mathematics then we can’t understand physics as well. Here as some of the most interesting and researchable topics of physics which we can not miss – Theory of relativity, The Big Bang, Dark matter & Dark energy, wave-particle duality, and many more.

About Chemistry :

Honestly, Chemistry is one of my weakest subjects. If I want to go to sleep, then only I need is a chemistry book to read.
Chemistry is one of the main branches of Science subject in which we study and research elements, compounds, matters, atoms & molecules. Chemistry is divided into 3 branches – Physical, Organic, and Inorganic Chemistry.

About Mathematics :

Mathematics is a type of universal Subject which you will need to study everywhere, whether you choose physics or chemistry. Mathematics is a subject in which we study numbers, quantity, and structure. Mathematics subject has not any official definition. If you like to play with numbers and its pattern then mathematics is for you. Infinity is the Biggest mystery of maths which is not solved yet.

About Biology :

In my personal opinion, biology is a subject where logic doesn’t work. I quit biology earlier in class 9th when I Studied – Diversity in Living Organism, Cells, Tissues, and their structure.
Biology is one of the main branches of Science in which we have to study Plants, Animals, Humans & Medicines. In short, Biology is the study of living organisms. If you are good at remembering, then Biology is for You.

There may be some grammatical mistakes or sudden written things which you may not like in the post as we are not experts, we are just students. So, mistakes can be forgiven.

Vote for your favorite subject Now and also encourage your friends to vote their favorite subjects and share this post with your friends, so that they can also give their honest opinion and share their feelings on the current polling question that Which is the Most Interesting Subject you have ever studied?

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Note – This Poll is created just to take the opinion of different peoples on the above-given poll that, Which is the Most Interesting Subject you have ever studied? What would you people choose? This Poll does not describe that either the particular Subjects are better or Bad than Other Subjects or topics. The results only describe what most of the people chose. Different people different opinions. There may be some people who may not satisfied with the options given or by the results as we have only included 4 Subjects from Hundred. The results of the poll only conclude that what the majority of peoples think, so Chill and vote for your favorite Subjects now and share the post with your friends also.

Content Writer – Akarshit Raj – 2nd-year Btech. CSE

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