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We can all help reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 by wearing a face mask.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source, the World Health Organization (WHO)Trusted Source, and many state and county health agencies advocate wearing a face mask in public or community gatherings, especially  when there are other people all around. If you go out in public, you must also wear a face mask.

A face mask isn’t meant to protect the person wearing it. According to the CDC, the goal of wearing a facial covering is to safeguard those around you. That’s because you could have the sickness yet not be aware of it.

One of the most useful skills you can master these days is how to make a face mask. Face coverings may still be required to access specific institutions like as health care facilities, even while mask regulations are being reduced or eliminated in various parts of the world where Covid-19 cases are dropping due to more widespread vaccinations. If you’re flying domestically or internationally, you’ll still need to wear a mask; masks are also required on trains and buses in the UK and the US.

We all know you can buy face masks, but the disposable variety can get pricey and aren’t good for the environment. Plus, building your own face covering allows you to customise it to your own needs, which is especially useful if you wear glasses that fog up easily.

Here’s how to make a pleated face mask quickly and easily:

Necessary materials:

1)Two fabric pieces 8″ width by 812″ long

2)Two pieces of soft elastic, each 6” long

Procedure :

* Place the fabric pieces right sides together and sew them together. With elastic along the 812” sides, pin the elastic end between the two fabric pieces at top and bottom corners.

* The elastic is obviously considerably shorter than the cloth pieces’ sides. Fabric pieces will bunch up on the sides once the elastics are fastened in place.

* Start sewing the mask 34% of the way along the bottom edge of the mask parts using a large 14” seam. Pivot at the corner, being sure to secure the elastic end between the two sections with a stitch.

* Pull the elastic to the left while sewing the fabric edges together, making sure the bottom end of the elastic stays pinned in place, so it doesn’t get stuck in the side seam.

* As the side seam is sewed, the mask side will begin to bunch up.

* Backstitch and pivot when you reach the bottom corner, ensuring sure to grab the elastic end. Sew all the way around the sides, repeating the process on the long side while keeping the elastic out of the way.

* Leave a 2-3′′ opening at the bottom for right-side-out turning.

* Turn right-sides-out and carefully press seams flat, tucking seam allowance inside at bottom opening.

* Make three equal pleats on the sides (where the elastic is). You can use a measuring tape, but I just eyeball three equal-ish pleats on the sides and pin them in place.

* Starting with a fast back-stitch in one corner, top-stitch around the full outside edge of the mask, stitching down pleats and sealing the bottom opening as you go.

Adios ! It’s finished.

However , take care of the following:

* Wash your mask on a regular basis. Ideally, wash it in hot water with standard detergent after each usage. Then, using a high-heat setting, dry the face mask. Having many masks reduces the amount of laundry you have to do on a daily basis.

* Make sure the mask completely covers your lips and nose. Before you cut out the mask, take a measurement of your face.

*Dont remove the mask when you’re out in public. If you need to talk to someone or adjust the fit, don’t take the mask off or lift it up. One suggestion is to double-check the fit before exiting your vehicle. If the mask requires adjustment, make the necessary changes, secure the mask, and then exit your car.

* Once the mask is on your face, don’t touch it. If you must touch it, wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer to ensure that they are clean.

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