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Ruling a country immediately after getting independence is a huge responsibility.  Congress took this opportunity and tried to win the heart of several through their policies and schemes. The major step taken by congress during the late 90s was the implementation of the LPG policy, which broaden the Indian horizons. They made India a secular country by respecting all religions. Shashi Tharoor, a congress member of parliament claimed that most of the schemes implemented by BJP were made and idealized by the congress. They brought in various foreign policies that changes the phases of India. Congress-led the development of investment policies and introduced foreign investors. This brought in foreign cash flow. The nationalization of banks was also another prominent step taken by the Congress government. They also made various policies for education, transportation, eradication of poverty and uplifting the marginalized community. But every coin has two facets, there are quite many deeds that disturbed the political system. There were various instances when congress created obfuscation. The family politics created chaos and then messed up everything. All the five-year plans were good but they failed to implement them. The MANREGA scheme destroyed the agriculture sector. Gradually the popularity of the Congress party amongst the people reduced and their trust faded. Congress has created an ecosystem of supporters in the bureaucracy, the media, the arts and culture sectors, literary regions, education, business, the judiciary, and almost everywhere else. As a result, even if Congress has been out of power for more than 5 years, its supporters will continue to fight for them in all of these areas. The BJP has yet to enter even 5% of these sectors to establish an Ecosystem for itself. But as we say, democracy is run by the people. They started to shift their focus towards the manifestos of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP). It looked more promising and appealing to them. 

BJP VS. Congress – The Tussle Continues?

Then came the 2014 elections, the narrative that has been adopted by BJP is revolving around corruption, the economy and the number of social welfare schemes. These narratives wowed a large section of the country and helped them to stay in power to date. They have helped people open bank accounts, strengthening LPG connections, stabilizing insurance and pension schemes and even building toilets. The amount of focus that has been put on the Make in India and Digital India campaign has changed the face of India. These campaigns have reached the remotest villages of the country making it one of the most successful campaigns in the country. Similarly, the important highlight of the 2019 election that attracted a large number of people towards the BJP government was the Indian Military Strike against Pakistan. All the issues of national interest were incorporated in their manifesto to make sure that they win the trust of the majority. And it did happen, the party was able to connect with the masses and continued to win them. BJP has been a support system of the needful. And, constantly it has faced various criticisms during the time of demonetization, farm bill, citizenship bill etc. The BJP government has evolved international relations and in today’s time, every country stands tall with India. Not only this, India’s defense system has been empowered with dazzling machines and equipment’s.

Now, when we know the good and bad deeds done by congress and BJP, we are in a better position to analyse the deed is done. To be honest, every person has their point of view and opinions which influence their taste of politics. Nothing is good or bad but it’s just a mindset or a point of view that people share.

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