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This Poll is all about determining, the favourite YouTuber of the majority of the peoples. We have only included the top 5 YouTubers out of thousands based on their unique contents and subscribers. Vote for your favourite content creators and support them by sharing with their fans and supporters.

Share this post with your friends and families and see what they choose. You can also predict in our comments section which YouTuber is going to win this poll. I think there will be tough competition between all the YouTubers and anyone can win.

You can only vote once with a device or a browser, so be careful and Vote. The Polling will ends once the timer reaches its time.

Your Opinion Matters to us.

My Personal Opinion: I can’t choose any YouTubers as all of them are my favourites. Every YouTube entertain us in their unique way like – CarryMinati roasting in on the next level, BB Ki Vines solo videos entertain us the most, The teamwork and adult quotes of Round2hell is on the next level, Ashish Chanchlani Vines entertain us through their storyline and Amit Bhadana makes videos with our culture and funny common events of India which we all can relate and enjoy.

There may be few peoples which may not agree or satisfied with my point of View as everyone has their different opinions. At last, I would say, Vote for your favourite YouTuber and share it everywhere.

Now, here is the brief information about all of the above mentioned favourite YouTubers.

CarryMinati – CarryMinati is the biggest individual YouTuber in India based on the subscribers’ count. He is one of the most famous and finest roasters of the Indian YouTubers community. He is well known for his unique content, dialogues and facial expressions.
CarryMinati a boy named Ajey Nagar born on 12th June 1999 in Faridabad, Delhi. Ajey Nagar has two-channel currently on youtube. The first one is CarryMinati dedicated to roasting and the second one is CarryisLive dedicated to streaming and Gaming.

BB Ki Vines – BB Ki Vines is one the most famous Vines channel in India along with Ashish Chanchlani Vines. Bhuvan Bam owns BB Ki Vines YouTube channel and one of the oldest and biggest Vines channel in India. Bhuvan Bam was born on 22 January 1994 in Vadodra, New Delhi. Bhuvan Bam is a multi-talent Indian Comedian and Singer. He is a writer and writes songs as well. He worked in May movies and TV shows like – Plus-Minus, Bas Mein, TVF bachelors, etc.

Round2hell – In my opinion Round2hell is the most entertaining channel which recently crossed 20 million subscribers in just 65 videos. Currently, they have 20.9 Million Subscribers.
Round2hell is a YouTube channel of three friends Wasim Ahmed, Nazim Ahmed and Zayn Saifi. Round2hell is famous for its long length entertaining video. Their videos may contain inappropriate words which give their videos a special tone.

Ashish Chanchlani Vines – Ashish Chanchlani Vines is one of the most famous and biggest Vines channel of India based on subscribers count and popularities. Ashish Chanchlani is the director and owner of the channel Ashish Chanchlani Vines which recently crossed 25 Million Subscribers on YouTube in just 140+ videos. Ashish Chanchlani was born on 8th December 1993 in Ulhasnagar. He received ITA awards for the Most popular digital influencer.

Amit Bhadana – Amit Bhadana is an Indian YouTuber who makes comedy and vines videos. He has currently 23.1 million subscribers and 2.062 billion views on his videos. His videos are abuse-free so everyone can watch them. Most of his video get over 20 m views because his viewers are from urban and rural part both. He was the most subscribed YouTuber in India for almost 1 year. Riya Mavi, Chitranshi Dhyani, Rohit Sharma, Sachin Bathi work with him in his team. He has also collaborated with Bollywood actors Ajay Devgan and Akshay Kumar. For getting the first 10 million subscribers, there was a tough fight between bb ki vines and him. But unfortunately, he gets 2nd by just 1 or 2 seconds late. everyone remembered that moment. But later he crossed Bhuvan easily.

There may be some small mistakes and grammatical errors in our Post. As We are students, not professionals.

Vote for the favourite Indian YouTubers now and also tell your friends and Families to vote for their favourite ones and share this post on social media, so that everyone can also give their honest opinion and share their thoughts on the current polling question that Which is your favourite YouTuber amongst entertainment category?

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If you guys have any queries feel free to contact us on [email protected] or submit your queries on the contact us section.

Note – This Poll is created just to take the opinion of different peoples on the above-given poll that, Which is your favourite YouTuber amongst the entertainment category? From the above-given options.
This Poll does not describe that either YouTubers is good or bad than others. The results only show that what most of the people chose. Different people different Thinking. So chill. There may be some people who may not satisfied with the results. The results of the poll only conclude that what the majority of peoples think, so Chill and vote for your suitable options now. We have only included the top 5 Indian YouTubers out of hundreds just based on their subscribers’ count and entertaining contents. We will come back with the same Polling questions but with different YouTubers, so stay tuned.

Content Writer – Akarshit Raj – 2nd-year Btech. CSE


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