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Travelling has become a passion for today’s generation. Everybody is a travel enthusiast and wants to explore the whole world. People having a job get holidays once or twice a year but that is not sufficient. Many people because of their jobs can’t explore the world as a whole. Having a job where people can work while traveling can be such a blessing. So, instead of working for a job where people get holidays only once or twice a year, here we have come up with a list of jobs which require traveling as the work itself. The lists are as follows:

Flight Attendant

Flight attendants as a group are called Cabin Crew. They carry out the instructions given by the pilot and co-pilot outside the cockpit. They are responsible for the areas starting from cockpit door to kitchen (excluding inside of cockpit). They are also responsible for the passenger’s safety, comfort, necessity, as well as they are supposed to provide information about the journey to the passengers.
Being a flight attendant, one gets many chances to travel the world. The eligibility criteria for getting a job as flight attendants are:

  • The person should be at least 18 years old.
  • The applicant should have a minimum of a high school degree.
  • Work experience in customer service.
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Foreign Service Officer

According to the U.S State Department, foreign service officers are supposed to support prosperity, promote peace and protect American citizens. Language skills are very much important in this job so, one should be able to be very fluent in a foreign language.
The eligibility criteria are:

  • The person should be a minimum of 21 years old.
  • Should be graduated.
  • Nationality should be from certain countries.

International Aid Worker

The main goal of International Aid Workers is to offer help and assistance in the areas of health care, sanitation, education, housing and education. They consider being a Peace Corps Volunteer or Aid worker for an international organizations such as Red Cross or USAID. To become International Aid Worker, having a master’s degree in the applied field is important.

Travel Agents

Travel agents simplify the complicated process of trip planning which includes booking flight tickets, hotels, tourist places, cruises, rental cars, etc. The primary responsibility of a travel agent is to make the process easier for their clients and ensure they have the best experience. Agents work with airlines, car companies, resorts, cruises, etc. Safety is also important in international traveling. They also discover new destinations.
To make sure the new places are safe and actually good for traveling, agents sometimes go to the place to see it in person to provide clients the best experience. They have a good source of income too.

Cruise Ship Worker

Since cruise ships offer almost every service possible, there are job opportunities for individuals from all backgrounds. Cruise Ship Work can be a dream job as it pays a very high amount to their workers and workers get the opportunities to travel the whole world but at the same time, it also requires a lot of hard work and long hours.

Today’s generation is mostly about being a traveler. Working abroad and traveling world is a dream for many and there are a lot of opportunities of job for them. But everything has its pros and cons. Being a travel enthusiast and having a job that provides international traveling might seem fancy but it might not be as simple as it looks. Those who have such jobs live a very unstable life as they have to keep moving. Health issues could also occur because they have to eat outside food on daily basis. The shifts become very hectic that people have to work at night as well. They do not get the proper time to spend with their family members. If you liked our content and want more informative information like these, then do subscribe and stay updated. Thank you.

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