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About This Poll:- This Poll is created to determine, Which is the best Android Smartphone brand across the world? The winning Android phone brand doesn’t determine whether the brands are good bad. Its just displays what the majority of people choose.

Vote for your favorite smartphone brand now and also share this with your Friends and Family so that, they can also give their opinion on this question. Your Opinions Matters.

My Personal Opinion – I would have chosen OnePlus here. There are many reasons behind that. The main one is OnePlus believes in quality over quantity. Maybe OnePlus Devices or Smartphones are of high budget but they are high-end devices as well which have good processors, Ram, ROM & Camera quality. Now, here is a brief discussion about all the Android Smartphones brand.

About OnePlus – OnePlus is a Chinese company that manufactures high-end quality Android phones and delivers them all over the world. OnePlus was founded on 16th December 2013 by Carl Pei and Pete Lau. OnePlus manufactures many products – Smartphones, smartwatches, Earphones, power banks, phone cases, televisions, shirts, bags, and many more.

About Samsung – Samsung is a South Korean company with a huge brand value. It manufactures smartphones in all ranges. Samsung was founded on 1st March 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul. Samsung is a private company that serves its product worldwide. Samsung manufactures many products along with smartphones are as follows – telecommunications equipment, home appliances consumer electronics, electronic components, clothing, medical equipment, semiconductors, solid-state drives, chemicals, DRAM, flash memory, ships, automobile.

About Xiaomi – Xiaomi is one of the most famous smartphones brand in India with a huge variety of smartphones in every range. Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational electronics company that is Famous for its smartphones. Xiaomi was founded on 6th April 2010 by Lei Jun which is currently CEO and Co-founder of the company. Redmi, Mijia, and Poco are the sub-brands of Xiaomi. Xiaomi manufactures and invests in smartphones, laptops, home appliances, bags, mobile apps, consumer electronics, and many more.

About Asus – The brand which I trust the most is non-other than Asus. I have a smartphone and a laptop of Asus which is working fine & a great value for money.
Asus is a Taiwanese multinational electronics company. Asus was founded on 2nd April 1989 by Wayne Tsiah, M.T. Liao, T.H. Tung, Luca D.M., Ted Hsu. As Asus is a multinational electronics company, it manufactures many products such as – Smartphones, computers and laptops, graphic cards, sound cards, computer cases, and many more.

There may be some grammatical mistakes or sudden written things which you may not like in the post as we are not experts, we are just students. So, mistakes can be forgiven.

Vote for your favorite Android Smartphones brand right Now and also encourage your friends to vote for their favorite brands and share this post with your friends, so that they can also give their honest opinion and share their feelings on the current polling question that Which is the best Android Smartphone Brand?

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Note – This Poll is created just to take the opinion of different peoples on the above-given poll that, Which is the best Android Smartphone Brand?
What would you people choose? This Poll does not describe that either the particular Smartphone brand is better or Bad than Other Brands. The results only describe what most of the people chose. Different people different opinions. There may be some people who may not satisfied with the options given or by the results as we have only included 4 Smartphones brands from Hundreds. The results of the poll only conclude that what the majority of peoples think, so Chill and vote for your favorite Smartphone brand now and share the post with your friends also.

Content Writer – Akarshit Raj – 2nd-year Btech. CSE

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