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This Poll is all about determining, the Favourite cartoon characters and series of majority of the peoples. What would they Choose? We have only included the top 5 cartoons from hundreds based on their popularities in India. There are many more cartoon series like Scooby Doo, PowerPuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog etc. Which we have not included because we saved them for our next posts.

Share this post with your friends and families and see what they choose. You can also do prediction in our comments section that which cartoon series is going to win this poll.

You can only vote once with a device or a browser, so be careful then Vote. The Polling will ends once the timer reaches its time.

Your Opinion Matters to us.

My Personal Opinion : I’m stucked in this questions because all of the cartoons series are my favourites. I would choose Tom and Jerry as it was first cartoon that I watched. I’m sure that most of you guys had chosen Tom and Jerry. The best thing about Tom and Jerry Cartoon is – even kids of 2-5 years can watch, understand and enjoy the cartoon. You don’t need to be smart enough.

There can be several peoples which may not agree or satisfied by my personal opinion as everyone has different opinions. At last I would say, Vote for Your Favourite Cartoon Series.

Now, here is the brief info. about all of the above mentioned cartoon series.

Tom and Jerry – Tom and Jerry is a American animated cartoon series firstly created in 1940. In this cartoon series there is a Cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry. There is also a dog named Spike and some extra cats as well to give company to Tom. In the Cartoon Episodes – Tom and Jerry fight and play with each and entertain us in every way they could.

Power Rangers – I think this Super Hero needs to Introduction as it is one of the most Famous live super hero series for kids and students.
Power Rangers is an American franchise based on Japanese live-action super heroes series. There are many different sub – types of power ranger series like – Power Rangers SPD, Power Rangers Mystic Force, Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers Dino Charge etc. The most famous Power Rangers series are Power Rangers SPD and Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Doraemon – Doraemon is fictional Japanese cartoon series and one of the most famous cartoon series all over the world. Doraemon is a 21st century robot which came from Future to help Nobita. Nobita is very weak in study as well as from body. Doraemon always helps Nobita form his future gadjets. If you love adventures and science fiction cartoon then Doraemon is one of the best in the list.

About Shin Chan – Shin Chan is also a Japanese based cartoon series. Shin Chan Nohara is a kid in this cartoon which is funny in nature and entertain us in every way.

About Pokemon – Pokemon is also a anime series of Japan first started in 1997. Pokemon is one of the most famous anime in the world with over 1000+ episodes. I have not watched Pokemon that much, so I have not much knowledge about Pokemon anime series

There may be some small mistaks and grammatical errors in our Post. As We are students not professionals.

Vote for the favourite cartoon series now and also tell your friends and Families to vote for their favorite ones and share this post on social media, so that everyone can also give their honest opinion and share their thoughts on the current polling question that What’s your favourite Cartoon series of Childhood?

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If you guys have any queries feel free to contact us on [email protected] or submit your queries on the contact us section.

Note – This Poll is created just to take the opinion of different peoples on the above-given poll that, What’s your favourite Cartoon series of Childhood? From the above given cartoon series.
This Poll does not describe that either the particular cartoon series is good or bad than others. The results only Shows that what most of the people chose. Different people different Thinking. So chill. There may be some people who may not satisfied with the results. The results of the poll only conclude that what the majority of peoples think, so Chill and vote for your suitable options now.

Content Writer – Akarshit Raj – 2nd-year Btech. CSE


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