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About This Poll –

This Poll is all about determining the opinions of different peoples that in Android phones and iPhones, What would you people choose? Will you like to use iPhone or Android phones. You can vote for your suitable option and share them with your friends so that they can also vote for their favourite one. You can only vote one time with a device and the polling will stop when the timer ends, so be careful and vote carefully and try to be on the winning side. Your Opinion Matters.

My Personal Opinion –

I would choose Android Phones instead of the iPhone and here is the reason listed below.

Why would I choose Android phones over iPhones?

As I am a 2nd Year Btech. CSE student. I have a lot of work that I can do only from android devices but can not do from Iphones or Ios. Android devices have a lot of extra features from iPhones. Here are some of the biggest reasons that as a student, Why people should Choose Android over Ios.

  1. Android devices are customised to use with ease but iPhones are customised to protect data and privacy instead of cool features.
  2. There is almost everything is for free on android devices but on Ios devices, you are restricted to any extra stuff or you will have to money to use that particular features.
  3. As a student, We can not afford High budget phones like iPhones but Android devices are available in all Ranges, that is low, medium and high range phones. So, It becomes easier to access android phones on a low budget and with more useful features than iPhones.
  4. In Android, the Google Play store has a wide variety of apps, ebooks and games which we can use for entertainment and other purposes but unlikely Ios devices, the Apple store there is not a wide range of apps and games. We are restricted to use limited apps but in android, we can even download apps from a web browser which is not possible on iPhones.

iPhone Benefits Over Android Phones!

  1. First of all iPhone has its Operating system called IOS which give you some premium feel Because Apple has its brand and very fewer people can afford it where android is everywhere like every people has android nowadays, so there is no premium feeling in owning android phones.
  2. iPhone or IOS focuses on quality over quantity. As you can see there are thousands of android phones available in the market but Iphones are in limited versions. Even a 2GB ram of iPhone can beat the 8GB ram of an android device. The same things apply in every section like camera and display.
  3. There may be some new useful features available on android devices for free but in place of that android leaks your data but in iPhone, ios focus on data privacy then restrict us to use the app which can harm us and sell our data to others. In Simple words, IOS focuses on our Security and Quality whereas Android focuses to solve general people problems and quantity.
  4. iPhone is durable and long-lasting but android phones need to be updated every 1 or 2 years. Android phones become old fashioned every year but an iPhone can long last a decade.

The whole comparison is based on our experience, reality can differ from the above-given explanation. so better try both types of phones when you have money than choose one.

Vote for your suitable option Now and also encourage your friends and share this post with your friends, so that they can also give their honest opinion and share their feelings on the current polling question.
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Note – This Poll is created just to take the opinion of different peoples on the above-given poll that, Android phones and iPhones, What would you people choose? This Poll does not describe that either Android Devices or iPhone is good. Different people different opinions. There may be some people who may not satisfied with the options given or by the results. The results of the poll only conclude that what the majority of peoples think, so Chill.

Content Writer – Akarshit Raj – 2nd-year Btech. CSE

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