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“ You can’t control what goes on outside, but you can control what goes on inside. The notion of a healthy lifestyle has taken a drastic spin after the Covid-19 pandemic. People have started working out regularly and improved their eating patterns with home cooked meals. Even Yoga and meditation have become part of the routine now. The following are new superfoods that are believed to bring a food and health revolution. 

Breakfast revolution 

Initially, Home cooked foods are considered to be healthy. But now, as a result of the breakfast revolution foods like cornflakes, green tea, oats, quinoa followed by seeds like flax, sunflower,  chia, pumpkin, hemp have made their way to our dining tables. All the above-mentioned foods are called “New Healthy”. Gradually, they replaced our traditional home cooked meals. Green 

tea is the highest selling wellness product which has a global market worth of 18.4 billion dollars as of 2019. This tea is considered the elixir to health. Having three cups of green tea is believed  to be a way to become superhuman. It is incorrectly proliferated that green tea can prevent  diabetes and cancer, burn fat, and improve brain functions. Green tea cannot make us lose  weight, it can only improve our metabolism which almost any tea can like black, blue, oolong,  and matcha. Science says that theaflavins in black tea and the catechins in green tea are equally  effective. 


Wellness bloggers are misintrepreting that gluten free is the secret to becoming healthy. Gluten  is a mixture of proteins like gliadin and glutenin which are found in carbohybrates such as wheat,  barley, and rice. Contrarily, these are not bad for our health. There is no need for such products unless the person consumes celiac disease or gluten sensitive. Less than 15% of the United 

Super foods : Healthy or Hoax ?

Kingdom’s population has a problem with gluten but 12% of the population has gone gluten-free. Celiac Disease affects roughly one percent of the American population but 20% of America is trying to eat gluten-free. These products are not helping in weight loss; weight loss is a game of calories. Only reaching a calorie deficit will aid in weight loss. Gluten-free is not helping in weight loss; instead of taking away the much-needed carbohydrates. An average gluten-free product is 242% more expensive than their variant that contains gluten. In three years the global gluten-free market is expected to touch 6.47 billion dollars. By 2027, it is projected to cross 43.65  billion dollars. 

Myths of Milk 

Milk and milk products have been an integral part of our daily diet. But now we are being made to believe that cow milk makes us fat. They have been replaced by alternatives such as almond milk and soya milk. The global almond milk market is expected to reach 13.3 billion dollars by  

2025 and soy milk market 23.2 billion dollars apparently. According to Science, composition-wise there is no proof that soy or almond milk is healthier than cow milk. When it comes to nutrition density and protein content cow milk wins the race. 

Brown Alternatives 

At present, we tend to prefer rice, bread, and sugar over the white variants. Nutrition-wise the difference between brown rice and white rice is negligible. But economically, the difference is hefty. Brown sugar and brown bread are misleading too. 

Ingenuine healthy snack  

Low-calorie, air-fried, baked not fried, fat-free, fiber-rich, cholesterol-free are all marketing gimmicks. The so-called low-fat snacks have added sugar. They tend to hide controversial ingredients under technical names. For example in Europe Monosodium Glutamate (MSD) in the ingredient list is masked under e621 and carrageenan as e407. A product is allowed to label itself trans-fat-free if it adheres to the 0.5-gram cap. 

Vitamin Water 

At the moment, vitamin water claims to be healthier than any soda. Alarmingly, each bottle of vitamin water contains eight teaspoons of sugar. 

In conclusion, the next time a product claims it is healthy be wise in choosing them.  Undoubtedly, home food is the only tried and tested superfood. 

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