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Still Doubting Yourself. Blaming The Thing That Has Happened In The Past? Living In Regrets? Don’t Worry I Got Your Back. 

Trust Me I Know How It Feels To Be Judged And Put Down. I Know How It Feels When Other People Form Opinions Of You Without Even Knowing You, Trying To Dim Your Light. And I Know What You Guys Go Through Because Some Of Us Go Through It Every Single Day But The Only Difference That Comes Here Is Some Of Us Don’t Let It Get To Ourselves Whereas Some Of Us give the Permission To Do So. 

Every Other Person Has Heard These Lines “ Love Yourself” Or “Trust Yourself” But What Is It? Why Do We Need To Do These Things? 

Self Love: Road To Acceptance

There Must Be Moments In Your Life Where You Put Others First Instead Of Yourself, Prioritize Them In Your Life, Give Everything You Can, But In Return, All You Get Is Nothing But Insecurities Or Self-Doubt Maybe Trust Issues. You Know Why? Because You Don’t Love Yourself. 

Loving Yourself Means Accepting Every Flaw You Have, Accepting The Way You Are, Appreciating Yourself, Not Letting Anyone Hurt You, Knowing That You Are Worthy Enough Of All The Beautiful Things In This World, Prioritizing Yourself As Well As Your Mental Health

People Are Like Seasons They Come and Go But The Only Person Who Will Never Leave you Is You. I Know It Sounds Cheesy but It’s True And Everyone Knows This But Hardly Anyone Applies It In Their Own Life. 

Learning SELF LOVE

Ask Yourself: Do I Love Myself?

The First Question To Ask Yourself When self-reflecting Is, How Are You Talking To Yourself. Most People Are Not Talking Very Nicely To Themselves. I Even Find My Self saying Oh ‘That Was So Stupid Of Me ‘But When I Hear Myself Say That I Will Say It Out Loud Or Think To Myself, No You Did A Stupid Thing But You Are Not A Stupid Person. You Are Actually Very Intelligent.  

Forgiveness: The First Step To Self Love Is To Forgive Yourself And Others as Well. I Know Most Of You Will Be Like Why Would I Forgive A Person Who Did Nothing But Hurt Me. But By Doing This It Will Help You Remove The Burden You Are Carrying Of Hurt, Pain, Loneliness. It Gives You The Space Of Being A Better Person.

Change Of Perception: See Yourself As Wholly Lovable Person. You Just Have To Allow Your Self To Be More Authentic And Genuine To Yourself And Needs That Makes You Happy, Comfortable.

            “Allowing Yourself To Be More You Is Allowing More Loving “ 

With Self-Love Comes A Sense Of Trust. Trusting Yourself . We All Are Aware Of This Word. But Do you Trust Yourself?

 Trust: End Of The Road 

Ask Yourself: Do I Trust Myself? With All Of The Bad Experiences, Insecurities Comes to A Sense Of Self-Doubt In Which We Don’t Fully Trust Ourselves. Have You Ever Doubted Your Judgements Or Opinions? Ever Hidden Someone Else Mistakes And Blaming Yourself That You Were Wrong.

 We Try To Be Someone Else When We Are Around People Because We Are Afraid To Be Judged By People And This Shows You Have A Lack Of Confidence Which Gets Generated When You Don’t Trust Yourself.

Learn To Trust Yourself

Do Introspection And Accept It That Its Okay To Make Mistakes. And Why Is It Normal For you That Others Can Make Mistakes But Not You? Because The Root Cause Here Is You Don’t Trust Yourself. 

Let Me Put It In A Simpler Way “It Is Better To Trust Yourself And Fail Than To Fail Because You Did Not Trust Yourself. “ 

it’s hard to admit but we can’t solve every kinds of problems. sometimes it just feels too much to bear myself. But when things are too tough I think of the faces who I love, and who love me. Shit truly happens and it might not change. But its okay to fail and tumble . I hope we could stay strong and fly together , whatever is underneath the ground.

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