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Are you getting scared of look at the mirror because of your exceptionally large body?  Is your own dear face has been becoming terrible for its round chubby shape? Are you feeling ashamed of going to a party or social gathering for your fat sagging body shape?

Obesity is a major problem nowadays, not just for its large body shape that looks odd; but there are some internal health issues that follow with that surplus body fat – diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, low self-esteem  and depression .

Do you want to get purge of this fat sagging body or wish for a slim trimmed figure?

This article may help you to gain your target. This entire segment will guide you by suggesting the DOs and DON’Ts that you should follow to lose weight.

Will You Follow Our Diet?


Things that you should follow

1) Maintain a Balanced Diet:

                                        Plan your meal

  • Make a routine of your regular eating habits.
  • Plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner and for the week.
  • Secure your calorie allotment. 

                           Follow a regular feeding routine

  • Eat your daily meals at time after   regular intervals; it will help in burning calories faster. It also controls the habit of snacking all the time and eating foods clotted with sugar and fat.
  •                                                    Eat high fibre food
  • High fibred food keeps your stomach full for a long time, which will help in losing weight. Fibre can only be found in food produce by plants, such as food grain, fruits and vegetables.

                           Follow a regular feeding routine

                                         Eat a lot of fruit and vegetable

Fruits and vegetable are full of high fibre. They contain sufficient vitamins and minerals as well.

2) Drink plenty of water:

It is scientifically proven that water is really beneficial in weight loss. It works in various  of ways. Such as  

  • Water can be used as appetite suppressant,
  •  Water boosts your metabolism.
  • Water makes exercise more effective and easy.

 All these factors can contribute good result of the weight loss practice.

3) Practice Physical activities for weight loss:

 Physical activities can perform a crucial role in losing weight, with these activities you can easily burn lots of calorie from your body and this ‘calorie deficit’ can bring good result in weight loss practice.

                         Types of physical activities that help in losing weight:

  • Exercise-

Majority of people don’t include exercise in their weight loss planning, because they don’t want to spend time and money on gyms, not knowing the fact that they can easily practice exercise at home. Plenty of exercise techniques can be found online, now days.

  • Walking-

Walking, is essential for losing weight .Walking is very useful  in burning calorie. If you practice   walking for 30 minutes a day, you can easily burn nearly 150 calories daily.

  • Running-Running is excellent for weight loss. It burns a maximum number of  calories, it also helps in suppress appetite and continue to reduce belly fat.
  • Swimming-

Swimming is also an excellent form of exercise for weight loss. It helps in burning calories and reduces fat from all over the body.

  • Cycling-

Cycling can help you reduce fat, burn calories which results weight loss.

 4) Take care of your mental health:

  • Yoga-

Yoga keeps your mind and body fit. Healthy eating, exercise and yoga poses together can bring absolute result in weight loss practice.

  • Meditation-

Alongside of exercising and maintaining diet ;you can also try for meditation. Meditation can help you keep focus on your aim, control temptation; it also controls your blood pressure level that helps in losing weight.


Things that you should not follow

1) Do not eliminate an entire food group:

In order to make a diet plan people often reduce the portion meals from their daily routine.

This practice causes loss of essential nutrients from your diet that your body and brain both need to  operate.

2) Do not  use diet pills or supplements:

 Don’t try diet pill or supplements in order to make a hurry. . These products contain diuretics and caffeine that input stress on both your heart and kidney.

3) Don’t do excessive exercise

always take an expert’s opinion while doing physical activities. Excessive exercise in a day can be dangerous.

4) Eat Too Quickly

Eat your meal slowly and chew properly, eating in a rush will prevent your stomach from the feeling of fullness and it can’t alarm your brain to stop overeating. So eat slowly and enjoy the taste of your food.

5) Do not store junk food

 Stop eating junk food –such as chocolate, snacks, biscuits. These convenience food  add lots  calories, fat and sugar to your diet.

6)  Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol adds extra calories to your body which will destroy your diet plan and results to weight gain. So avoid excessive consumption of alcohol.

Conclusion If you are planning for a weight loss resolution, then first, establish the point before yourself that you’re losing weight for your own benefit. It may help to keep you motivated.

Losing weight may improve your social life; it is also useful for your physical and psychological health. The advantages of losing weight are:

Weight loss can -reduce joint pain; reduce risk of cancer; reduce risk of diabetes; reduce risk of heart diseases; reduce risk of heart attack; maintain blood sugar level

 It’s a challenging period when you have to practice healthy eating habits, heavy exercise and cut off your favorite dishes from your regular meal.

So, whenever you feel discouraged visit the list of benefits that you can get after losing weight.



5) Do not store junk food

 Stop eating junk food –such as chocolate, snacks, biscuits. This food will add maximum calories, fat and sugar to your diet.

6)  Cut down on alcohol

Alcohol adds extra  calories to your body  which will destroy  your diet plan and  results to weight gain. So avoid too much consumption of alcohol.

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