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When we think of horror, we think of extremities, over-the-top performances and gore, in its
wildest sense. We don’t synonymize horror with subtlety, and maybe that’s the thrill of it. Horror
movies have been around for generations, some of them have been passed on from one
decade to another and have become cultural milestones. Some of the world’s most beloved

horror movies are:

The Exorcist:

This movie released in 1973 continues to top the lists of all-time scary
movies. While the visuals and the concepts may have gotten dated, one thing that hasn’t
changed is this movie’s innate ability to frighten you to the core. The movie’s
mind-bending concepts and multi-talented star cast ensure that you get the authentic
horror movie experience and that’s the innate beauty of this movie. During its time, the
film generated mass boycotts and an unprecedented amount of hysteria because of the
questionable subject matter. But, outside of this commotion, the movie found a haven
with the critics as it received widespread acclaim and was one of the first horror movies
that found recognition at the Academy Awards.

Which is The Best Horror Movie?

The Shining:

Starring the ever so charismatic Jack Nicholson, this Stephen King
adaptation received critical acclaim for the plotline and the performances. We often
synonymize Stephen King’s work with eccentricities, but its sheer brilliance has given us
some of the most outstanding production the world of cinema has ever seen. This
unnerving story related to a Haunted House was one of the most beloved films of the
year, and it still finds a place in the heart of most cinephiles. It has a lingering sense to it,
and it has spawned some of the most significant cultural resets to have ever existed.


Chainsaw Massacre: The ’70s saw a wave of movies that latched on to the Horror
genre. It launched some of the greatest horror movies that the world has ever seen and
paved the way for future generations to bask in the glory of this genre. Texas Chainsaw
Massacre was a low-budget movie. It has a rusty, almost tainted aesthetic to it that
struck the viewers. It seemed more real because of the simplicity of the storyline and the
performances. Gunnar Hansen’s Leatherface serves as a bookend for the horror genre,
his performance brightened the path for all subsequent horror films.

The Conjuring:

Horror movies since the 2010s have found minuscule success, often
relegated a handful of movies. The scrutiny is intense and the past films have set a very
high bar for this magnanimous genre. One movie that took the cake was 2013’s The
Conjuring. Starring Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in the lead roles, this movie helped
revive the genre after a series of unappealing and over-the-top movies. Based on
another haunted house, the storyline is nuanced and detailed, giving it the necessary
propulsion to find some much-needed success. A massive hit, this movie gave wings to
the Annabelle movie that came later and set the base for the sequel. While none of
these movies have lived up to the intensity of the original, this movie does wonders in
the Horror space. It gives the kids nightmares and the adults some much-needed respite
from the mundane they find themselves stuck in.


Starring the absolutely Toni Collette in the titular role, this movie became a
surprise hit. From the Indie production company that has become one of the cinephile’s

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