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DC has never failed to prove that it is home to some of the powerful characters in the
history of comic books. The DC Universe or the Multiverse is so huge that it extends far
beyond the earth into diverse cosmic realms. The vast universe includes goda of
different religions along with the main entity and various angels and demons. These
cosmic entities consist of supernatural powers like omniscience, omnipotence,
omnipresence etc. Some of the characters are so insanely powerful, even the most
powerful superheroes from Earth can’t take them down.

In this article, we discuss the most powerful characters which have the greatest impact
in the DC Multiverse. The most powerful character is The Presence who is one of the
supreme powers in the universe and beyond. The powers of The Presence have no
limits and he is the counterpart to the gods of Abrahimic religions. He is bestowed with
immense powers such as omnipotence in which he possesses unlimited almighty power
above all in every sense and aspect, omnipresence due to which he can be everywhere
and nowhere at once. Other major powers include omniscience (knowing anything and
everything), cosmic awareness (knowing all different realities and dimensions),
immortality, telepathy and reality warping or controlling reality.

The second most powerful DC character is Lucifer Morningstar, who is a rebel
archangel banished out of heaven and onto Earth as a punishment for leading the revolt
of angels. His uncountable powers include godlike strength, durability, speed, night
omnipotence (manipulate any external force for any effect he desires), omniscience,
omnipotence, biokinesis (manipulate functions of human body on a cellular level),
chronokinesis (manipulating the time), dimension travel, elemental control, immortality
etc. Only Lucifer’s father possesses more power than him and his brother Michael
Demiurgos matches his powers.
There is one name that immediately comes to mind when thinking about supreme
villainy in the known DC Multiverse- Darkseid; Apokolips’ tyrannical ruler and a sadistic,
hostile and remorseless tyrant who has invaded and won over uncountable worlds
across the universe. Darkseid uses the Anti- life equation to enslave all things according
to his will. Being a new god, Darkseid’s existence goes beyond normal time and space
due to which he possesses powers such as enhanced intellect, immortality,
invulnerability, regeneration, superhuman speed, stamina and strength. Although
Darkseid might be defeated, he can never be fully destroyed. He will always find one
way or another to establish his tyranny.
The next name is one of the most popular characters of the DC Multiverse and easily
recognizable by his iconic red cape, blue uniform and ‘S’ shield- superman. The man of
steel is one of the world’s first superheroes who paved the way for others. The only
limitations to his powers are the imaginations of the writers writing him. He can time
travel, stop bullets fired at a point black among other superhuman powers. The major
powers of superman include telepathy, hypnosis, electromagnetic vision, electric
powers, genius level intellect- you name it and he has it. Except through kryptonites, it’s
almost impossible to beat superman.
Jonathon Osterman was a nuclear physicist who got caught in a nuclear test and
transformed into godlike “Dr. Manhattan”. He became a pawn of the US Government but
later he got bored of humanity and traveled to prime earth where he started to
manipulate the timeline. However, eventually superman showed him the error of his
ways and he restored the timeline before going back to his universe. Similar to the
powers of the other powerful characters covered till now, Dr. Manhattan’s powers
include omniscience, omnipresence, omnipotence,bio fission, time travel, cosmic
awareness among others.
These were the most powerful characters in the DC Multiverse although considering the
vastness of the comic series, there exist many more mysterious characters which
possess powers beyond a normal human’s imaginations.

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