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This Poll is all about determining, Which is your favourite Battlegrounds Mobile India Game ( BGMI ) map for playing classic and competitive matches. We have only included the top 4 maps – Erangle, Miramar, Sanhok, Livik and karakin. We haven’t included Vikendi as it is not the map of BGMI. Vikendi was removed recently from all the versions of the game.
Vote for your favourite maps now and also share this post with your gamer friends, so that they also vote for their favourite ones.

From a web browser, you can vote only time. So be careful and vote for your favourite maps. The Polling will end and results will be declared once when the timer stops after the given time frame of polling.

Your Opinion Matters to us.

My Personal Opinion: I would have chosen the Miramar map. As I’m a BGMI competitive player and I love to do assaulting for my team. Miramar is the biggest map full of ridges, hills and rocks where you can improve and show your skills to other players. Miramar is the toughest map in my opinion that’s why I love to play on this map.

Your opinion may differ from mine as everyone has a different mindset.

Now, Here is a summary of all the maps.

Erangle – It is the first map that had launched in Pubg Mobile and all of its versions. Erangle map is 8*8 Km island which is full of hills, trees, grasses and cities. This map is a grassland. Erangle is the most played and loved the map in Pubg Mobile and BGMI. Almost all the players prefer to play their matches in erangle as it is the oldest and first map of the game. All the players know every place on the map and become very familiar with this. There are several hot drops in this map like – Pochinki, Military base, Georgopol and Novorepnoye.

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