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This Poll is all about determining, which is the best Esports player of India of all time from the given options. There are thousands of hard-working and talented Esports player in India but we have only included the top 5 Esports player based on their popularities and net worth earned from Esports tournaments.

Share this question on your social media account and see which player your squad, friends and family choose. I think that there will be a very tough competition between all the players as they all are the fan favourites.

You can vote only once with a web browser or a device. So be careful and Vote.
Your Opinion Matters to us.

My Personal Opinion: Most of you people will choose Mortal, Sc0ut or Jonathan but I would have chosen Daljitsk and there are many reasons behind that. Daljitsk AKA Daljit Singh is one of the finest players of BattleGrounds Mobile India and Famous for its god-level Sniping. Daljit is very calm and kind and one of my oldest friend. I know him when he was in the TFS ( The Fox Squad ) clan of PUBG Mobile.

There can be several people which may not be Satisfied or agree with my personal opinion. Different peoples different opinions. Vote for your favourite Esports Athlete of India now!

Now, here is the brief information about all of the Esports Athlete of India

Sc0ut – sc0ut AKA Tanmay Singh is one of the most famous Esports Athlete of India. He was born on 30 July 1996 in Valsad, Gujrat. Sc0ut is famous for its Assaulting, M416 laser spray with 6x and entry fragging. Sc0ut is one of the first players of PUBG Mobile that represented India on the global level in PUBG Mobile star challenge 2018 in Thailand with his teammates Assassin, Naruto and Nova from Team IND. Now here are some of the achievements of Sc0ut aka Tanmay Singh – PUBG Mobile spring split India 2019 at #2 position with Team IND, PUBG Mobile star challenge 2018 and 2019 at #16, PUBG Mobile all-stars 2019 winner, Peacekeeper Elite championship #8, PMCO world series #2 with Team Orange Rock.

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