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Nowadays, we all are familiar with the term “e- sports” in the gaming market. Gone are
the days when people who played video games all day were considered lazy and
having no purpose in life. With the recent technological advancements, gaming has
become quite a profitable market and it can be said with certainty that it will be here for
a while. If you’re waiting for the next call of duty release or trying to move forward to the
next level of candy crush, you’re already a part of the gaming world. Considering the
magnitude of influence video games have on today’s society, it’s necessary to ask
ourselves, what is the greater impact of e-sports in the digital market and what future
does it hold?
Quite, a data-based organization which has recently come forward to drive away the
stereotypes associated with gamers, has taken a survey where they ask the opinions of
actual ground level gamers about the impact of e-sports on their lives. Over 40%
gamers said that it has benefited their overall emotional well being, which is a huge
contrast to the general view that video games gravely impacts the minds of people,
especially the younger generation. This is a view over 93% gamers completely disagree
with. Considering the sociological impacts of gaming, approximately 60% of the gamers
claimed that the have made at least 5 friends through online games. So, this survey
holds the media obsession with video games having a negative impact on people
completely unjustified.
Now, coming to the digital market, we have seen a huge shift in the market value of
various e-sports events especially in the recent years. Bearing in mind that a lot of
money moves in these events, it’s practically impossible to count all the profits
generated in the market. But it can be said with surety that we are certainly not talking
about a few thousand dollars, but profits of billions of dollars moving every year. The
maximum profits are generated through sponsorships ($456.7 million in 2019) and
advertising (60% industry revenue in 2019) while other major revenue generation
streams include tickets and merchandising, media rights, publisher fees etc. Recently,
many top leagues have a revenue sharing agreement where the revenue generated by
the league is redistributed to the teams. Many big sharks in the market such as league
of legends championship series, fortnite world cup, Dota 2: International generate a lot
of revenue through these mentioned streams alone.
We certainly can’t ignore the cultural impact of e- sports on society. The most important
impact is teamwork. It brings individuals together irrespective of the culture they were
brought up in, working in the same direction to achieve a common target: victory.
Gaming also improves an individual’s imagination through high definition graphics and
detailed characters and objects. Apart from that, it can also generate quick decision
making as these games involve challenges which the players have to overcome to
move to the next level. As the player progresses, they receive rewards which boosts
their morale. These games have certain negative impacts as well such as addiction or
gambling which puts both time and money at stake.
As we have covered the influence of e-sports in modern society, let us look at what the
future holds.
With more technological advancements, gaming certainly has a bright future. As more
and more profits are generated through leagues and tournaments, more companies will
want to be a part of this phenomenon. According to euro weekly news,, by 2021 a
quarter of the world’s population will know what this discipline is about. It is also
expected that big sports brands such as Nike and Adidas will consider professional
gamers in the upcoming years, taking into account the pace at which this industry is
growing. So, to conclude this article we are sure that e-sports are here to stay for many
more years and will soon become a global phenomenon in the future.

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