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A website refers to a page on the internet containing information about various entities ranging from people, space, the past, the present, and the future. Essentially, a website is a collection of several web pages identified by a common domain name. A website may be used for personal or professional use. The website can very easily be built, modified, and maintained by an individual or an organization.

HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is usually used to build a website. HTML is a standard language used for documents to be displayed on the internet. HTML is widely involved in structuring and organizing a webpage. Creating a website using HTML is free, relatively easier, supported by almost all browsers, and can be seamlessly integrated with other languages. HTML can be skilled through consistent practice, dedication, and theory. The language is so simple that even students can master it in due course of time. HTML provides the liberty of building and adding even the tiniest of elements. With helpful tools, website creating has become effortless than ever before.

Which is the Best Free Platform to create Website?

A wide range of website builders is available these days which aid in website creation without manual code editing. These are subtle yet, powerful tools that have the website ready in no time. Using website builders is obviously subjective, but is often highly recommended. The difference between using a website builder and building up one’s site manually is that while creating the site by oneself, it provides the flexibility of experimenting/ hit-and-trial as well as in adding a personal touch. A knack of creativity, attention to detail, and strong communication skills along with customer skills are helpful in website building. Being able to communicate through the website is crucial as it is the sole source of putting across the perspective and aim behind the website, which in turn adds value while appealing to the visitors. To learn website building, one may choose to refer various articles/books or go online and indulge in tutorials as well as online articles. While, for those looking for website builders, here is a list of the most popular as well as powerful website builders:

  1. Wix:
  2. WordPress:
  3. Weebly:
  4. GoDaddy:
  5. SquareSpace:

The website builders may charge a small fee depending upon the technicalities and details of a website but very often the fee is exclusive.

With the world going online it is crucial to have a website to mark one’s business/presence online. A website may also include hyperlinks to connect other related content together. An interactive website also portrays friendliness, confidence, and appeal. A website brings in global recognition as well as helps in market expansion.

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