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Trying to get a job in the US may seem a little tricky or complicated, but with a little perseverance, effort, and patience, one can fulfil their dream.

Visa Requirements

Based on a person’s abilities, skills, the job they are applying for, and some other factors, they may be able to get a job in the US as either a:-

  • Foreign worker (temporary or permanent)
  • Temporary visitor (for business)

A foreign student studying in the US might be able to work there under certain circumstances.

One cannot work in the US without a work visa, and for that, they need a job that will sponsor a visa for them, since one cannot apply for a visa on their own. Only 5% of US companies perform sponsorship, and depending on one’s job opportunities, circumstances and profile, the number may be even fewer.

Finding Jobs

Ensure that you have excellent educational and professional qualifications since companies look for the most skilled candidates.

Now, streamline the job opportunities you’re going for; focus on your profile, expertise, knowledge, and skillset and target the appropriate jobs or companies for you. Ensure that your qualifications allow you to practice the job you’re going for in the US. The best way is to apply to the jobs you’re most interested in, and not each and every job you can see.

You can find opportunities on various websites like Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, USA Jobs etc. and ensure that they can provide you with a visa scholarship.

Applying for a Job

Create an appropriate resume and cover letter and acquire a job interview. Apply for each job by customizing your resume and cover letter according to each company.

After a week or two, follow up with the companies about the status of your application. This showcases your motivation to work for the employer. However, don’t contact the employer several times a week, and if you don’t receive a reply within a month, it’s best to move on from it.

If you get invited for an interview, rehearse and research about the employer beforehand. Ensure attending the interview in a professional place and formal attire. Ask about the responsibilities your employment will entail.

Are you Interested To Get Job In USA?

Applying for a Visa

If you secured the job, congratulations! Now is the time to ask your employer to apply for your work visa. First, they need to apply for a work petition on your behalf with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Once this petition is approved, the employer has to now apply for your work visa. Only a limited number of visas are issued every year, so applying early will be beneficial.

Go online and complete the application for your visa by entering the appropriate details and your image.

Interview with the US Embassy or Consulate

After successful submission of your visa application, contact the nearest US Embassy or consulate in your city. Inform them about your visa application and inquire if you need to be interviewed.

Attend the interview, which will determine if you’re suitable. Answer the questions and pay the visa application fee.

If your application is approved and you’re cleared, your visa and passport will be available or provided to you, enabling you to travel to the US to work there.

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